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One of a Kind Technologies

One of A Kind Technologies invests in technology companies, with own IP and growth potential. Continuity of the group and the individual companies is priority one. We realise our strategy through organic growth and through acquisition (M&A). For each company we apply our stepping stone strategy – Acquire, Develop, Grow – based upon:

Profitable Growth

In order to grow we foster an approach and attitude of constantly re-inventing ourselves and not settling for the existing or taking past success for granted. When you grow, you are able to create and control your own destiny. Structural growth allows us to experiment with new technology and business models and to invest in innovation and R&D.

Risk mitigation

We believe that growth enables risk mitigation. As we allocate and rotate experienced staff throughout the group with new employees we stimulate diversity, knowledge sharing, alignment whilst at the same time risk is being spread. Also growing with new products into existing and new markets ensures that we are independent of specific verticals or customers within the group, reducing vulnerability of demographic, market or technology trends.


We invest in consistent and proven processes, systems and structures. Technological innovation only is not sufficient to secure sustainable and profitable growth. At the same time one company and its maturity level differ from another. Based upon previous success and experience proven tools for professionalization and leadership is available within the group to secure growth and risk mitigation.

Management & Team

A company is as good as its Team. Especially phases of professionalization and growth require specific and different approaches, competencies and experiences. One of A Kind Technologies applies a unique methodology for management, commercial development, finance and human resources centered around our leading principles.


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